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Child’s Play: Creating Modern Kids Rooms

At EVOKE, we love creating modern homes that not only feature forward-thinking design, but that also keep your family and lifestyle in mind. For families with children, we listen closely to your needs for kid-friendly spaces. Decorating these modern kids rooms doesn’t have to be difficult; we think organization and simplicity are key to fending off inevitable chaos. Here are some helpful tips for creating stylish kids spaces:

Go Bold

modern kids rooms

Modern kids room

Fun colors aren’t always fitting for every area of the home, but kid’s rooms tend to be high-energy spaces where play and imagination reign supreme. For example, mixing cool and warm color tones in one space is often a design no-no, but a kid’s space is the perfect place to experiment with color, pattern and texture. In the space above, we love how the orange bunk beds and other orange furnishings complement the pale blue storage closet, rug and step storage.

A Designated Hobby Space

modern kids rooms

Kids Art Corner from Dwell Studio

Kids with hobbies or a favorite activity will naturally let that hobby take over their whole room. To prevent this, we recommend creating a designated hobby space where all supplies for that hobby are tucked into a single area. The kids art corner above has small nooks for drawing paper, finger paints, scissors, paintbrushes and other small items as well as large storage bins for larger items like playdough or modeling clay. We love the nearby section of chalkboard paint that allows kids to create fresh wall art whenever they want.

Think Storage

modern kids rooms

Toy Store from Dwell Studio

Kids are notorious packrats, and let’s face it, many of us can’t bear to part with all our children’s art projects and favorite toys they’ve outgrown. Attractive storage options are imperative to keeping your kid’s space orderly. We recommend beds with built-in storage, storage bins on the bottom shelf of bookcases, tall storage baskets, and open storage spaces like the one above for items that your kids play with most regularly. With open storage, your kid’s favorite toys and games are out of the way yet still in plain sight.

Indoor Play Room

modern kids rooms

Modern indoor treehouse with working drop-down bridge

In the rainy Pacific Northwest, kids are often stuck indoors more often than they’d like. Indoor play spaces serve as fun kids hideaways for sleepovers and playtime. The beautiful modern indoor treehouse above is one of the more amazing indoor play spaces we’ve seen, but less space-consuming options are available as well. Some of our favorites include kids teepees and mini play castles.


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(Photos from top to bottom via Interior24.net; DwellStudio.com; DwellStudio.com; and Design-Milk.com)