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Cover Story: Modern Bedding that Packs a Design Punch

Since we don’t entertain in our bedrooms, many homeowners don’t put as much effort into decorating them. However, we firmly believe the home should be your own oasis for your enjoyment as well as your guests, which is why we go to great lengths to design EVOKE homes around your lifestyle. Modern bedding is the first step to a well-designed master bedroom, serving as a palette or anchor for the room’s color scheme. Here are some stand-out examples:

Cream, Crisp, Clean

modern bedding

EVOKE Luxe Master Bedroom

Crisp white bedding is light, airy and cultivates a sense of spaciousness within a modern minimal design theme. It also serves as an excellent backdrop for small splashes of color. In this EVOKE Luxe bedroom, the cream bedding ties in with the neutral color scheme in the room and reflects all the natural light in the room. Colorful throw pillows in stained-glass tones add a pop of color.


modern bedding

Organic Chevron Duvet Cover from West Elm

The simple zigs and zags of modern chevron are as attractive as ever. The horseradish color tone contrasted with crisp white on the bedding above really packs a design punch. For fall, we love color tones like goldenrod, oxblood, mango, poppy and rust that call to mind autumn leaves.


modern bedding

Nadia Comforter Set from Intelligent Design

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, herringbone is on trend in modern design. Gray paired with sunny yellow instantly brightens up a room, providing an exciting alternative to plain white.

Moroccan Tile Print

modern bedding

Hallmart Collectibles Westgate Comforter Set

Nothing exudes a sense of exotic opulence like Moroccan tile print bedding. This peach tone is ideal for fall, and the rich color and print easily makes your bed the focal point of your room.


modern bedding

Oliver Gal Love Force Field Duvet Cover Collection from OneBellaCasa.com

For those who wish to completely eschew more traditional options, we recommend abstract prints. At first glance, the bedding above features simple blue stripes. However, a paint splash of gold pleasantly disrupts those structured lines and tasteful fading adds character to the bedding. Consider this a more chaotic take on nautical.

What type of modern bedding do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!


EVOKE is the Pacific Northwest’s new brand of modern luxury homes featuring cutting-edge designs and indoor-outdoor integration. EVOKE creates balance between you, your home and your community by tailoring every aspect of the home buying and owning experience to your lifestyle.

(Images from top to bottom via EVOKE; WestElm.com; AllModern.com; AllModern.com; and AllModern.com)

Striking Silhouettes: Modern Design With Cut Outs

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed how geometric shapes are used extensively in modern home design. One way to incorporate geometric elements aside from choosing furnishings with an overt geometric structure is to choose pieces with cut-outs.

Carefully chosen pieces with cut outs also fit solidly within a minimalistic design scheme — any time you can break up a bulky piece of furniture to allow light to pass through you are adding to the sense of open space in the home. Here are a few great pieces we find that exemplify effective use of cut outs:

Cut Out Rugs

cut out rugs

Edition Silhouette Rug by Object Carpet

Who says rugs have to be limited to standard rectangular or circular shapes? Many modern design rugs feature abstract shapes, stylized edges and geometric cut outs. The rug above from Object Carpet creates a sense of contrast with circular cut outs that allow large swatches of your floor to show through. This style of carpet is especially effective on hardwood floors. We recommend selecting neutral colors like muted golds, grays and whites so that the cut outs draw more attention than the color.

Cut Out Furniture

cut out furniture

Paige Contemporary Chair by Coaster Fine Furniture

We’re also seeing cut outs being used effectively in midcentury modern furniture. While today’s tufted, low-to-the-ground pieces are already unassuming, we think cut outs further reduce the appearance of bulk in leather furniture, which tends to look heavy no matter how it is structured. Cut outs make this heavy leather furniture instantly feel lighter and airier, which helps to open up your living space.

cut out furniture

In & Out End Table by Global Views

A solid wood end table with cut out spacing between layers gives the appearance that each layer is floating above the other. Aside from allowing light to easily pass through, the end table is practical, as each layer can be used to stow books or small display items.

Cut Out Lampshades

cut out lampshades

Laser-cut wooden lampshade by min-jon

One of the most innovative ways we’ve seen cut outs incorporated is in wooden lampshades. Not only do these laser-cut wooden lampshades show a high level of craftsmanship, but they can also be layered over the top of differently colored cloth shells that can be easily swapped out to create different color themes. While the piece above features a black cloth shell, you can also layer the wooden lampshade over other colors, like blue, green or white, to create different effects.

Cut Out Statement Chairs

cut out statement chairs

Diva Chairs by Colico Design

Aside from offering a pleasant pop of color to a living or office space, these brilliantly designed chairs feature a smooth cut out that creates visual interest. The almost-perfectly-spherical shape of the chairs adds a touch of geometric flair to a space while the cut out adds a dash of playfulness and keeps the piece from being too rigid.

(Photo sources in order of appearance: Object-Carpet.com via Contemporist.com; CoasterFurniture.com; GlobalViews.com; Min-Jon.com [also Etsy.com] via Design-Milk.com; and Colico.com)

Be Transparent: Clear Furniture in Modern Design

Minimalism is among the most prominent themes of modern home design, and one of the secrets to achieving an understated look in your home is to create open space any way you can. Using transparent furniture is one way to create the illusion of open space while still allowing a variety of functional pieces in your home. Take a look at some of the examples we’ve rounded up below.

The Modern Glass Coffee Table

clear furniture

Low table by John Houshmand

While not a particularly new idea, glass coffee tables remain an effective way to foster an open feel in a living space while allowing visitors to see straight through to a handsome rug beneath. To keep a glass table from looking too stark, we recommend selecting a piece that incorporates organic elements like reclaimed wood to add warmth. The piece above by artist John Houshmand is essentially a glass box with black walnut slabs embedded within for interest.

Wood Table with Clear Chairs

clear furniture

Louis Ghost Chairs by Kartell designed by Philippe Starck

Another setting where clear pieces work well is in the dining room, the room in the home that tends to hold your bulkiest furniture. You can slim down that bulk by pairing clear acrylic chairs with a sleek wood table.

Not only are these chairs easier to clean than fabric chairs, but you can effortlessly soften the look of them with a neutral, faux fur throw pillow for a bit of texture.

Alternatives to Glass or Acrylic

transparent furniture

Metal mesh chairs

Not everyone appreciates glass or acrylic features in their home because of how notorious they are for collecting smudges and fingerprints. To preserve a transparent look while avoiding entirely clear furniture, you can select mesh pieces. The chairs above still allow natural light to pass through and the metal mesh is fine enough not to block your line of vision.

A Single Clear Piece

clear furniture

Bare Bones Ghost Chair by benforgeydotcom on Etsy

If you only wish to dabble in clear furniture, consider incorporating a single transparent piece in a living space to gauge how it fits in with the rest of your home decor.

This artisan piece to the right combines a simple sheet of acrylic with found driftwood. As with the coffee table above, the integration of an organic element breathes life into the clear chair, making it a true statement piece. The bench below demonstrates a similar concept.

clear furniture

Contemporary Organic Bench made of driftwood and acrylic by benforgeydotcom on Etsy

(Images in order of appearance via JohnHoushmand.com; PrettyStuff.tumblr.com; RedCanary-Austin.com; Freshome.com and Etsy.com).