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Add a Splash of Color with a Bold Accent Wall

As with many things in life, balance is the key to good design in a modern home. For example, if you add too much color or texture a home looks chaotic, but if you add too little a home looks stark. One way you can achieve balance in your design is with a bold accent wall. This will allow you to create a striking focal point without saturating your whole home with a single color or element.

Cool Color Tones

bold accent wallFor a bedroom, cool color tones such as this blue-green accent wall add a feeling of serenity, peace and comfort, which are suitable for sleeping spaces. A cool-toned accent wall can quickly bring a room together, particularly if you choose smaller decorative pieces in a space that tie in with that color. In the space above, the woven stools at the foot of the bed add texture while a decorative headboard and throw pillows tie in perfectly with the cool tone of the accent wall.

Vivid Color Tones

bold accent wall

Vivid color tones make the most sense in high-energy areas of the home where you most frequently gather with friends or family. In the photo above, a red accent wall is an ideal backdrop for a living space where families will gather on a regular basis for movies, games or their favorite sitcom. Red accents on the rug, throw pillows and artwork on an adjoining wall tastefully tie the bold red color scheme together. The room’s largest furnishings are neutral to keep the loud color from overwhelming the space.

Playing with Patterns

bold accent wall

A solid color isn’t the only way to add an eye-catching accent wall. Creative stenciling or modern wallpaper are also good options for those who want to create visual interest with patterns. The design above combines two popular patterns — chevron and herringbone — into one unified pattern. If you plan to use a pattern in your home, we recommend sticking with earth tones along the lines of sand and slate. If you like the pattern shown above, you can find a step-by-step tutorial here for your own DIY painting project.

Wood Accent Wall

bold accent walls

Last but not least, reclaimed wood or new, finished wood are also good options for accent walls. Reclaimed wood is a good choice for homeowners looking for eco-friendly options in their home. Wood planks instantly add character to a space. With a little staining and distressing, you can achieve virtually any look you want.

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