Moroccan Décor for the Modern Home

Many modern homeowners look for ways they can add a touch of the exotic to their home to give their home décor a bit of an eclectic flair. One of the ways you can accomplish this goal is through a modern Moroccan motif. We’ve searched out some great items that exemplify Moroccan décor with a modern sensibility. Here are some great examples:

Moroccan Poufs and Floor Cushions

Moroccan Décor

Moroccan Leather Poufs by Graham & Green

Who says traditional seating is your only option in your home? Moroccan poufs or large floor cushions not only allow you to incorporate a splash of bold color in your home, but they are also a great alternative seating option when you’re entertaining guests or simply curling up to watch a movie with family. Low-to-the-ground seating options fit in nicely with midcentury modern furniture, which also tend to sit a bit lower. If you do happen to prefer traditional seating, Moroccan poufs work equally well as a footstool in a pinch. Last but not least, you can add an ornate modern tray to the top of a pouf to create an instant miniature tabletop for tea or a few choice books.

Moroccan Rugs and Textiles

Moroccan Décor

Moroccan Tile Rugs from Gump’s San Francisco

One of the easiest ways you can include a Moroccan element in your home is through Moroccan rugs and textiles for your home’s living spaces and bedrooms. Contemporary interpretations of traditional Moroccan tile-print and Beni Ourain rugs are widely available and come in neutral and bold tones for any color scheme. The cohesive grid pattern radiates order, pulling everything together. You might also consider using Moroccan textiles as wall hangings throughout your home. This adds a touch of warmth to modern homes and provides a unique alternative to canvas art. You can change out these textiles over time (or even as you accumulate different authentic pieces in your travels).

Moroccan Furniture

Moroccan Décor

Tangier Credenza with Moroccan Tile Motif

Those who are fully committed to a Moroccan motif in their home might consider Moroccan furniture, including large entryway consoles, display cabinets or smaller accent tables. While traditional Moroccan wood furniture with distinctive hand-carved arches and cut-outs can certainly be blended into your modern décor in moderation, it is often easier to keep a modern look by selecting modern furniture with a more subtle Moroccan flair.

Moroccan Lanterns and Lamps

Moroccan Décor

Moroccan Tyre Lamps from Graham & Green

Last but not least, Moroccan hanging pendants or floor lamps are a great touch. These lanterns  provide ambient lighting while serving as aesthetically pleasing statement pieces. Moroccan lanterns are known for their characteristic perforations that allow light to peek through and cast beautiful shadows in the spaces they illuminate.

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