Cover Story: Modern Bedding that Packs a Design Punch

Since we don’t entertain in our bedrooms, many homeowners don’t put as much effort into decorating them. However, we firmly believe the home should be your own oasis for your enjoyment as well as your guests, which is why we go to great lengths to design EVOKE homes around your lifestyle. Modern bedding is the first step to a well-designed master bedroom, serving as a palette or anchor for the room’s color scheme. Here are some stand-out examples:

Cream, Crisp, Clean

modern bedding

EVOKE Luxe Master Bedroom

Crisp white bedding is light, airy and cultivates a sense of spaciousness within a modern minimal design theme. It also serves as an excellent backdrop for small splashes of color. In this EVOKE Luxe bedroom, the cream bedding ties in with the neutral color scheme in the room and reflects all the natural light in the room. Colorful throw pillows in stained-glass tones add a pop of color.


modern bedding

Organic Chevron Duvet Cover from West Elm

The simple zigs and zags of modern chevron are as attractive as ever. The horseradish color tone contrasted with crisp white on the bedding above really packs a design punch. For fall, we love color tones like goldenrod, oxblood, mango, poppy and rust that call to mind autumn leaves.


modern bedding

Nadia Comforter Set from Intelligent Design

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, herringbone is on trend in modern design. Gray paired with sunny yellow instantly brightens up a room, providing an exciting alternative to plain white.

Moroccan Tile Print

modern bedding

Hallmart Collectibles Westgate Comforter Set

Nothing exudes a sense of exotic opulence like Moroccan tile print bedding. This peach tone is ideal for fall, and the rich color and print easily makes your bed the focal point of your room.


modern bedding

Oliver Gal Love Force Field Duvet Cover Collection from

For those who wish to completely eschew more traditional options, we recommend abstract prints. At first glance, the bedding above features simple blue stripes. However, a paint splash of gold pleasantly disrupts those structured lines and tasteful fading adds character to the bedding. Consider this a more chaotic take on nautical.

What type of modern bedding do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!


EVOKE is the Pacific Northwest’s new brand of modern luxury homes featuring cutting-edge designs and indoor-outdoor integration. EVOKE creates balance between you, your home and your community by tailoring every aspect of the home buying and owning experience to your lifestyle.

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