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Creating a Focal Point with Modern Barstools

modern bar stools

Even with a beautifully appointed dining space, your guests and family still tend to congregate in the kitchen for dinner parties and routine meals. After all, everyone wants to be close to the action and get the first whiff of whatever is being pulled from the oven.

With so much attention placed on the kitchen, it’s important to be thoughtful and intentional about kitchen area seating. Selecting the right modern barstools can turn your kitchen bar into a focal point. Here’s a few options that pack a visual punch.

Pop of Color

modern barstools

Tickle barstool

Barstools are a great opportunity to introduce a splash of bold color in the kitchen. For modern, open-concept spaces, you will need to make sure the color you choose for your barstools complements the other colors you use in adjoining living and dining spaces.

For brightly colored barstools, we also recommend sparse seating with low backs so that the color is not overwhelming. The seat to the left is adjustable, which is great for any counter height.


modern barstools

Henson Swivel Counter Stool

If you have a modern industrial design sensibility in your home, you can carry that through in your barstools. Look for pieces that use reclaimed or distressed wood with iron or steel accents. The idea is to carefully select barstools that would be right at home in an Industrial Age factory without sacrificing style.

Other options that fit in nicely with industrial home design are metal utility stools. The only disadvantage of such stools is they are not height adjustable and cannot swivel, which may make them less functional as a seating option.

Modern Classics

modern barstools

Cherner Stool

After all these years, we still love the sleek design of the classic Cherner stool. Originally designed in the 1950s, these stools have been reissued to painstakingly match the original designs from the time they were originally manufactured. With the resurgence of midcentury modern design, Cherner stools fit right in to today’s modern homes. While the stools are not height adjustable, they do come in either counter or bar height, which gives homeowners some options to work with.

Stylized Elements

modern bar stools

Eurostyle Sophia Swivel Bar Stool

For homeowners who want to establish a more eclectic feel in their kitchen seating, there is always the option to choose a highly stylized chair with whimsical cutouts in the back.

The chair to the left features an eye-catching design, but is also practical with padding and a footrest for added comfort, as well as the ability to adjust the height if necessary.

Minimalist Mesh

modern barstools

Bend Goods Bar Stool

Metal mesh bar stools are a good option for homeowners who prioritize minimalism in their home design. Mesh materials allow natural light to fully pass through and help make your barstools appear less bulky.

The chair to the right comes in bold colors like blue and orange, but is also available in a more unassuming white. As an alternative, you can select transparent acrylic barstools to maintain a feeling a minimalism in the home.

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Summer Decorating for the Modern Home

Summer will be here before you know it. Is your home ready to welcome in the new season? Check out some of our summer decorating tips to transition your home from spring to summer.

Summer Flowers

summer decorating

Silk Peonies Arrangement by flovery on Etsy

Bring the outdoors in with brilliant cut flower displays throughout your home. For fresh flowers, we recommend dahlias, simple Shasta daisies, or peonies to add small bursts of color and cheer to every room of your home. For a more lasting display, you can also select high-quality silk flowers. Silk options can be re-used year after year and you won’t have to worry about fallen petals or wilting.

Nautical Touches

summer decorating

Scrimshaw Side Plate Set

Nautical themes are popular around the summertime. You can incorporate this classic summer theme in your home through rope accents, handcrafted driftwood pieces, blue and white striped textile prints, and anchor, boat or lighthouse decor. We’re particularly fond of nautical dinnerware for summer dinner parties. Also, take a look at our ideas for putting a modern twist on the classic nautical theme.

Primary Colors

summer decorating

Yellow accent pillows

Bold primary colors like yellow, red or blue are a good fit for summer decorating. You can incorporate these bold tones in pops of color throughout your home in accent items like fabric table covers, rugs, throw pillows and throw blankets, seat cushions, and even curtains. Since primary colors are so saturated, you might want to mute the color by selecting neutral prints that incorporate one of these bold colors on a smaller scale, such as neutral throw pillows with bright yellow herringbone lines. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you might even paint a bold accent wall in a primary color to rejuvenate a space.

Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces

summer decorating

Industrial String Lights by West Elm

Since you’ll be spending more time outdoors during the summer, take your patio décor up a notch by adding string lights, eclectic seating options and fresh outdoor pillows to delight guests and create a backyard oasis. Mix and match lanterns can bring new life to last year’s patio table. Last but not least, adding a freestanding hammock could make your outdoor space as relaxing as your indoor spaces.

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