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Elegant Entryways: Design Ideas for Great First Impressions

The entryway is the first area of the home your guests see, yet many homeowners put little effort into adorning such spaces. To help you up the wow factor when someone first enters your home, we’ve put together some great modern entryway ideas for making your entryway pop.

Modern Vignettes

modern entryway ideas

Modern vignette

One of the best ways to dress up your entrance is with an entryway vignette. The essentials include a sleek accent table, artwork or a mirror hung above it, and carefully chosen pieces of varying heights and textures to grace the table, such as plants, lamps or books. To finish the look, you can place other elements under or beside the table, such as woven baskets for storing odds and ends.

Modern vignettes should be well-curated to effectively introduce the design scheme present in the rest of your home, although seasonal elements can also be brought in to keep the display fresh. Lately, we’ve been seeing a resurgence of mid-century modern accent tables paired with art-deco inspired mirrors in entryway vignettes.

Floating Entryway Console

modern entryway ideas

Floating console custom designed by Wud Furniture

A wall-mounted console or cabinet is a great solution for modern homeowners who prioritize open space in their home and have a less-is-more design preference.

A floating piece allows you to incorporate a modern vignette without robbing you of floor space. To keep your entryway design minimal, limit your display to two or three pieces.

The display on the left uses a simple birdcage as the single display piece adorning a floating console outfitted with functional drawers.

Modern Coat Racks

modern entryway ideas

Splash coat racks crafted from powder-coated steel and walnut

Coat racks are known more for their practicality than their aesthetics, but today’s coat racks pack more of a design punch than ever before.

Rather than settling for a lackluster coat rack that adds nothing to your home’s design scheme, consider modern coat racks featuring bold colors or distinctive designs.

Modern Entryway Bench

modern entryway ideas

Return Bench from Gus Modern in Natural Oak

For entryways, we recommend smooth wood benches with stainless steel accents or an artisan-made, rough-hewn wood slab set on stainless steel legs.

As an alternative, you might consider a clear acrylic entryway bench for a more minimalist approach that maximizes an open-space feel.


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Grit & Glamour: Modern Industrial Design

The modern industrial look has risen to prominence in interior design today. Since interior styling options include reclaimed and repurposed pieces from thousands of different sources, it’s possible for anyone to make this design sensibility unique to their own home. Here’s a few great examples that exemplify this trend.

Open Riser Staircases

modern industrial design

Close-up of an open riser staircase in an EVOKE home

Open riser staircases are a fixture of modern design because the spaces between the steps allow for more natural light to flow through an open concept space. This trend is also key to capturing a modern industrial sensibility when you consider the welded aesthetic of the stainless steel handrails and the practical functionality of having open space underneath the stairs for a desk or furnishings.

Edison Light Fixtures

modern industrial design

Edison light bulbs from Restoration Hardware

Edison lights are a vintage throwback that has gained contemporary appeal for modern homeowners. We’ve been seeing them peeking out of modern geometric pendant lights, in the midst of simple glass enclosures, or dangling in a free-floating manner that allows the prominent filament inside to be clearly visible.

EVOKE_Period Lighting

Tangled Chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co

We’ve also seen Edison lights in heavy-gauge, solid brass or steel sconces along hallways. Even the curled fluorescent bulbs we’re all familiar with are starting to take the shape of the classic Edison-style bulb. The idea is to capture the gritty charm of Industrial Age factory lighting while preserving a warm, modern feel through the softer edges of your other furnishings.

Modern Industrial Furniture

modern industrial design

Colorful industrial bar stools from Tolix

When it comes to modern industrial furniture, utilitarian is the name of the game. Reclaimed wood drafting tables with steel accents, metal utility stools along the bar in the kitchen, and coffee tables with a metal hand crank underneath are just a few ways you can implement the modern industrial trend in your home furniture.

We recommend inserting pops of color to energize a modern industrial design concept. Strong pops of color invigorate a space so you can avoid the tired feeling of an abandoned warehouse and keep your decor feeling fresh, lively and current.


Industrial Table by Tim Byrne

Look for handcrafted pieces with riveting and heavy distressing so that each piece exudes character. Take care to avoid an antique feel by staying away from pieces with flagrant rust and jagged edges. Instead look for fully refinished pieces or handcrafted pieces that blend old materials with new materials.

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Thinking in the Abstract: The Ultimate Modern Design Concept

When done properly, abstract décor is the perfect blending of chaos and clean lines for maximum visual impact. Abstract art and furnishings offer the design advantage of providing a fresh perspective depending on where you happen to be standing. Well-chosen abstract pieces are a key component of modern home design and can truly modernize a space. Here are some good examples:

Abstract Decorating with Art

abstract decorating

Abstract pieces in coordinating colors

When choosing abstract art, you can select coordinating pieces or balance abstract pieces with non-abstract pieces in coordinating colors. One Kings Lane recommends selecting a three-color palette that includes at least one metallic tone.

We love the pairing of this abstract vertical piece with two smaller abstract graphic prints in a similar color scheme. The accompanying table vignette contributes to the metallic anchor color.

Abstract Living Room Furniture

abstract decorating

Custom painted coffee table from East Editions

A bold geometric print instantly adds abstract appeal to a handcrafted coffee table. The piece on the left features a custom acrylic and aerosol paint job with a satin varnish.

Tip: To avoid overdoing an abstract look on large furniture, choose an minimalist piece with clean lines so that the shape and the paint are not both fighting for attention.

Abstract Bedroom Furniture

abstract decorating

Stack of drawers by Factor Design

Many furniture designers are conceptualizing abstract furniture pieces, and many futuristic silhouettes are coming out of this movement. This piece manages to be as beautiful as it is functional with contemporary appeal.

The design is as clean a stack of blocks yet surprisingly practical for everyday use.

Subtle Abstract Choices

abstract decorating

Universal Latitude Round Glass Table with Metal Abstract Base at Belfort Furniture

We always like to recommend a few subtle choices for people who are interested in a more understated approach to bold design trends.

Unexpected places you can incorporate abstract elements include accent tables, such as the one on the left, and miscellaneous decorative pieces.



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