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Branching Out: Decorating with Tree Branches

Something we try to do here at the EVOKE design blog is discover ways modern homeowners can incorporate their love of the outdoors into a contemporary Pacific Northwest home. Some of the intriguing ideas we’ve explored recently have included tips for bringing nature indoors with modern terrariums and decorating with sustainable reclaimed wood. Today we’ll look at another way to celebrate the outdoors in your home – by decorating with tree branches.

DIY Projects with Branches

decorating with tree branchesOne idea we’ve been seeing on home design blogs and Pinterest is DIY branch curtain rods. The idea is to search out a long, smooth branch sturdy enough to support a curtain and then trimming and painting it to suit your purposes. This attractive branch can then serve as a statement piece on a prominent window in your home or even to add a touch of whimsy to a bedroom. We think using metallic spray paint on such a branch could modernize the branch to fit in with contemporary décor and keep it from looking too rustic.

Fine Art

decorating with tree branches

Organic fine art twig sculpture by Paul Schick

While many DIY-savvy homeowners try their hand on creating wall art from branches, some fine artists have perfected the craft and have become truly skilled at weaving branches together into beautiful contemporary shapes.

Organic fine artist Paul Schick is one of such artists whose twig constructions are truly advanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Subtle Pieces

Decorating with Tree Branches

Uttermost Josiah Birch Branch Decorative Boxes

You can also incorporate branches and twigs in more subtle ways, such as a vase display of branches in a centerpiece or a handsome box made of twigs in an entryway vignette. Branchy pieces are a perfect selection for outfitting a console table.

By placing such pieces on a mirror or placing a mirror behind the vignette, you can create a sense of dimension.

Branch Décor

Decorating with Tree Branches

Tree branch wall decor crafted of steel with a polished nickel finish

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of modern branch décor that is not naturally sourced.

This is a better option for homeowners who do not have the time or the inclination to do DIY projects but who would still like to incorporate a forest feel in their home. Branch prints are also prominent in wallpaper and linens.



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Spring Green: A Fresh Pop of Color for Your Home Décor

Spring is in the air — you can see glimpses of its arrival throughout the Northwest as the cherry blossoms bloom and as the first hints of leaves return to the trees. This change of season and the emergence of fresh greenery can inspire your home decorating, and a pop of spring green is the perfect way to embrace spring indoors.

Window Treatments

spring green

Spring green flat Roman shades from Persona

One of the boldest ways you can incorporate spring green in the home is in window treatments. When light flows through spring green shades or curtains, the effect is like that of sunshine illuminating fresh cut grass — your home instantly feels brighter and cheerier. Spring green updates timeless Roman shades and gives them contemporary appeal.

Green with Floral

spring green

Modern living room furniture from Dada home

Pairing bold green furnishings with floral accents creates visual interest and exudes a feeling of freshness and vibrancy.

Green and floral can be traditional so be sure to select a sleek modern design for sofas and chairs and consider floral patterns with more of an abstract feel.

Smaller Accents

spring green

Apple green pillow covers by MicaBlue on Etsy

If you’re not prepared to go “all-in” with large furnishings and vivid window treatments, you can incorporate pops of green on a smaller scale by changing out your throw pillows and blankets. Geometric, ikat and Moroccan tile prints are on trend, but if you’d prefer a simpler look you can select textured, solid spring green pillows.

Eye-Popping Chairs

spring green

Domatalia Gel Chairs

Swapping in some spring green chairs can also instantly brighten a dining space or breakfast table.

The chairs to the left are made of transparent acrylic, which allows light to pass through. This see-through effect contributes to a feeling of openness in the home.


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Modern Metallics for the Contemporary Home

Nothing projects a sense of strength, cleanliness and contemporary flair in a home like modern metallics. In this week’s blog, we’ll explore how to select metal elements that will truly stand out in a home. Hopefully some of the extraordinary pieces we’re featuring will inspire your own decorating.

Statement Pieces

modern metallics

Eden Table by Boca do Lobo

This gold-plated, metal center table in a modern, abstract shape serves as a statement piece that draws the eye while still fitting within a neutral color scheme.

The surface of this piece mimics rings on a tree, a natural effect that softens the piece and keeps the metal piece from looking too harsh or stark.

Muted Metal

modern metallics

Richards’ Trunk Desk from Restoration Hardware

This trunk desk features polished aluminum with steel screw accents. Even though the desk is inspired by the look of antique luggage, the metallic sheen instantly modernizes an office space.

A piece like this would pair well with leather furniture and shelves of hard-bound books in a study.

Wood and Metal Hybrid

modern metallics

Sterling TV Lift Cabinet in Black Walnut and Perforated Aluminum by Wüd Furniture Design

Another way to soften the look of modern metallic décor is to select pieces made of both wood and metal materials.

Any time you can incorporate a more natural element like wood, you instantly add an earthiness that balances out the toughness of the metal.

Shattered Metal and Mirrors

modern metallics

Abstract Cube Pendant by Kathy Kuo Home

A shattered pendant light maximizes the reflective aspect of the metallic material it’s made of  while allowing light to pass through unhindered.

The shattered design of this wrought iron and rubbed gold leaf pendant is a more abstract alternative to the trendy geometric pieces we’ve been seeing and also casts fascinating shadows on surrounding walls.

modern metallics

Large Shatter Mirror from Exclusive Mirrors

A frameless mirror with a shattered effect lives a double life in the home as both mirror and abstract art.

An abstract mirror is a better choice than contemporary metal art if you are trying to capture a modern look without an industrial feel. This mirror is less about functionality and more about creating visual interest, but it still manages to be unassuming.

What Are Some Ways You Plan to Use Metallics in Your Home Decor?

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