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Invite Harmony into Your Home through Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy of harmonizing the human existence with its surrounding environment. Creating a harmonious environment is one of the goals of interior decorating. In honor of the Chinese New Year we have decided to take this life practice and give you tips and tricks for creating tranquility in your home.  You don’t need to use explicitly Chinese décor to have a good home energy, although traditional Chinese pieces may be some of your best finds. Follow these quick tips and Feng Shui your home!

Use Black to Anchor the Room

Feng Shui

Satin Black Mirror

Black is full of energy and suggests sophistication and protection. Try incorporating a black mirror, table or chandelier to your entry way, kitchen or secondary space. Adding black in a heavy way to these spaces will create a focal point that ties in all other colors. You should feel a sense of added balance from the sharp lines this anchor creates.

Create Open Space

Feng Shui

EVOKE embraces the concept of open space.

Today’s interior designers are all about open spaces; the current term for this is minimalistic and examples of this can be seen in almost every major home design publication.

Feng Shui embraces the idea of open space. To create openness in your home, first de-clutter anything that is unnecessary in that space and find the proper home for it.


Feng Shui

Open concept kitchen from HGTV

The next step is to position any major furniture in the room in a place that makes it the focus. For example, try placing your bed in the center of the room so that you can access it from all angles.

This will more than likely give you the ability to see the door. Visibility of the door from your bed will create mental security and optimize rest within your bedroom.

Add Warm Colors

Feng Shui

Red Dunham Armchair from West Elm

Pops of color are fashionable in home décor. Adding a touch of red or yellow to a room can make it feel warm. Feng Shui expert Rodika Tchi says that red is the color of warmth, passion and excitement, while yellow is the color of happiness and warmth but also symbolizes wealth.

Try adding a throw blanket, pillow or a decorative bowl in either color to warm up a neutral space. If you are feeling really daring try one of these colors as an accent wall or in a bold piece of furniture.

Add Geometric Circles

Feng Shui

Handblown Lighting Fixture from Hinkley Lighting

Geometric additions are all the rage in home décor today. Repeating circles are one way of adding in geometric design. Not only do geometric shapes add dimension to your home, but they are also engaging and relaxing to look at, adding balance and personality to your free space. Try these layering circles in the form of mirrors, hanging lights or a unique decorative find.



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Radiant Orchid: Gracing Your Home With This Year’s Freshest Hue

Don’t let the winter chill stop you from looking ahead to spring color trends. Pantone has announced their much anticipated Color of the Year for 2014 and it’s a beauty — Radiant Orchid. This expressive color calls spring to mind and pairs equally well with neutrals like cream or complementary jewel tones like deep plum. We’ve searched out some great ways you can incorporate this luscious color in a modern home.

Bold Wallpaper

Radiant Orchid

Fountain Wallpaper by Amy Butler

One way you can incorporate orchid tones into your décor is in wallpaper. This print can instantly add a dramatic flair to an entryway or can serve as a bold accent wall in a living space.

Chevron and geometric prints are very current and could also be used in an orchid tone.

Wallpaper is a great alternative to paint as it is less time-consuming to apply and can more easily be swapped out after a year or so. We recommend peel-and-stick wallpaper that is repositionable and self-adhesive. This type of wallpaper is easier to apply than varieties that require special pastes that can leave behind residue when removed.

Daring Furniture

Orchid-toned furniture and window treatments

Orchid-toned furniture and window treatments

For maximum impact, you can even incorporate orchid tones in furniture. This space amplifies the color by also incorporating orchid in semi-sheer window treatments. However, if orchid is too extreme a color for large furnishings, you can still incorporate a pop of orchid in throws and throw pillows.


Abstract art in Radiant Orchid

Abstract art by Caroline Heroux on Etsy

Orchid hues are perfectly at home in abstract artwork. We recommend searching local coffee shops and galleries for one-of-a-kind pieces in exactly the shades you intend for your home.

If you discover an artist whose work you truly admire, you can even contact them and arrange to have them create a coordinating set for the broadest walls in your home.

Just the Right Rug

Orchid rug

Serena and Lily Feather Rug in Berry/Violet

The perfect finishing touch to a room with an orchid color scheme is a rug to bring the whole space together.

We love how herringbone meets chevron in this stunning rug that blends berry and violet to complement an orchid theme.



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Geometric Decor for the Modern Home

Geometric prints and furnishings make a bold statement in a modern home. Depending on the look you want to achieve, the sharp angles of carefully chosen geometric pieces can represent a futuristic style or showcase a retro sensibility. We’ve compiled some excellent examples of this modern design trend to inspire your home decorating.

Geometric Lighting

Wood Polyhedron Pendant Light

Wood Polyhedron Pendant Light

One of the most attractive ways homeowners can incorporate geometric shapes is in pendant lighting. The effect is two-fold — the structure of the light itself is aesthetically pleasing, and the shape of the pendant has the potential to create diffuse lighting with equally pleasing shadows in a living or dining space.

Gentle Curves

Frank Gehry Three-Sided Cube

Frank Gehry Three-Sided Cube

Not every piece you select within a geometric-inspired theme has to be rigid.

Selecting geometric decor with gently curved or flowing lines can provide a welcome break for the eye and brings a sense of whimsy to a living space.

Subtle Geometric

Diamond-print sheet set

Diamond-print sheet set

If you only want to incorporate pops of geometric print here and there in your home, look to textiles, window treatments and linens to meet your needs.

Bed sheets, throws and towels are ideal for inserting a bold chevron print here or a more subdued circle print there.


Geometric tufted rug

Geometric tufted rug

A handsome geometric print rug is like artwork for your floor. A well-chosen rug can bring a whole room together or simply complement the other pieces you choose for a space.

If you don’t want rugs with eye-catching prints to shout for attention, you can select a neutral color that is striking without overpowering the rest of the room’s decor.

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