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Decorating with Winter White

Nothing captures the crisp serenity of freshly fallen snow like a winter white palette in the home. A modern winter white color scheme pairs well with other neutrals, such as gray and burlap, although many homeowners successfully incorporate pops of color. A winter white tone is also an excellent backdrop for metallic, Lucite or glass furnishings.

A winter white palette projects cleanliness, simplicity and minimalism, but runs the risk of looking stark unless you incorporate layers of texture. You may also need to eschew antiques to avoid a weathered, shabby chic look and capture the essence of a modern home. Here are some ideas for decorating with winter white.


Decorating with Winter White

Jason Miller Superordinate 24 antler chandelier

One surprising way of incorporating texture into a winter white color scheme is through lighting. The antler chandelier to the left adds an unexpected layer of texture from above while embodying a winter theme.

Despite the unusual nature of this pendant light, the piece still doesn’t scream for attention because of its neutral color.


 ‹ Back to Search Results Organic Teak White Wash Coffee Table by  Andrianna Shamaris Inc.

Organic Teak White Wash Coffee Table by
Andrianna Shamaris Inc.

Solid wood pieces that have been expertly stained with whitewash can help you incorporate winter white into a living space.

Placed over the top of a textured faux fur or skin rug, this neutral piece can be quite the focal point in a front room.


White ceramic vases in matte glaze by Sara Paloma Pottery

White ceramic vases in matte glaze by Sara Paloma Pottery

Smooth winter white ceramic vases in varying heights add depth to a winter white color scheme. These pieces call to mind delicate snow drops.

For entertaining, you might also consider clear jars of varying sizes filled with white winter treats, such as white chocolate covered pretzels or yogurt-coated raisins.

Finishing Touches

Ludlow Throw from Z Gallerie

Ludlow Throw from Z Gallerie

To finish off a winter white space, consider white textured rugs and/or winter white throws to drape over your furniture and add a sense of warmth.





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5 Modern Christmas Trees to Inspire You

The Christmas tree has long been a beloved centerpiece of a holiday decorating scheme. Not only does it brighten up an inside space, but many homeowners position the tree in a window where it attracts the admiring glances of passersby and almost seems to greet you when you arrive home from work or a bit of holiday shopping.

This month, we thought we’d provide some modern Christmas tree alternatives that fit in nicely in a cutting-edge home and allow you to put a new twist on the classic Christmas tree. Instead of a real or artificial tree, consider these exquisite options:

Glimmering Beauty

Modern Christmas Trees

Silver and crystal ornaments glimmer from this unique modern tree

This eye-catching tree is truly a work of art. Silver glass bulbs and sparkling crystals dangle from metallic halos that cascade from the ceiling.

This particular tree style comes in blue, white, red or green to fit any holiday color scheme and different sizes are available.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Trees

A beautiful Christmas tree alternative designed by Büro North

A striking tree alternative designed by Büro North

The innovative designers of Büro Trees drew inspiration from Norse mythology when designing their wooden trees, which come in a variety of original styles, including the Rindd (shown on left), the Gryder and the Frigg.

The modern Christmas trees are made using low-energy production techniques, are packed flat, are sustainably sourced and can be used year after year.

The PossibiliTree

PossibiliTrees are made by skilled woodworkers.

PossibiliTrees are made by skilled woodworkers.

PossibiliTrees are designed to be yet another wooden alternative to live or artificial trees, and draw inspiration from the storied Tree of Life.

These modern Christmas trees come in three sizes, including ones suitable for a living space or a tabletop.

Not only does the tree fold up neatly for easy storage after the holiday season, but it allows you to avoid the mess of a real tree while allowing you to display your most cherished ornaments.

Branching Out

A festive tree composed of smooth branches

A festive tree composed of smooth branches

This unique tree is composed entirely of smooth branches.

The branches are graced with carefully-chosen ornaments in neutral colors that allow the rich color of the wood to shine through.

Creative Wall Tree

Homeowners can exercise their creative flair with a festive wall tree

Homeowners can exercise their creative flair with a festive, space-saving wall tree.

Modern homeowners who cherish a minimal look in their home might consider forgoing a tree entirely and trying their hand at a wall tree silhouette that comprises buttons, bits and baubles of their own choosing.

This space-saving tree alternative allows you to truly express your creativity while preserving open space in your home.




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