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Design Ideas for Wine Lovers

Design Ideas for Wine LoversFor the wine lover, every season is wine season. However, this time of year is a particularly apt time to incorporate one’s love of wine into modern home décor. Nouveau Beaujolais, the first wine bottled after the new harvest, is traditionally released the Thursday before Thanksgiving, and of course, many like to enjoy a bottle of wine with the big meal.

We’ve put together a few design ideas for wine lovers, connoisseurs and appreciators looking for ways that wine could inspire their home décor. These are lovely ways to add festive ambiance while entertaining guests and family before a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast.

A Dazzling Display of Glasses

Wine glass chandelier

Wine glass chandelier

Instead of hiding away your wine glasses, you can display them prominently in an eye-catching display that reflects the natural light flowing through an open concept home.

A ceiling mount keeps fragile glass out of the reach of young children and the combination of chrome and glass seamlessly blends the concepts of strength and gracefulness.

Showcasing the Wine Itself

EVOKE_Wine riddling rack

French wine bottle riddling rack

A riddling rack that projects the bulk of the wine bottles outward allows the wine to speak for itself in your home décor. The blush tones of rosé wines and the golden glow of white wines create quite the alluring visual masterpiece in your home for wines in clear bottles. Different colored wine bottles only add more appealing tones to your wine display.

Wine Corks As Modern Art

Wine cork art

Wine cork art

Wine corks that have been re-purposed into art fit in quite nicely in a modern home, particularly if there is skill and thought put into it.

Not only do corks serve as unconventional, three-dimensional art, but they add a layer of texture to a space.

Sleek Wine Racks

Painted steel wine rack

Painted steel wine rack

Modern wine racks draw the eye not only to the wine, but also to the unique rack design.

Look for racks that are works of art by themselves with or without wine.



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Modern Thanksgiving Décor Ideas: Thinking Outside the Cornucopia

Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in tradition and as a result it can be tempting to return to the same conventional decorating we often see on the covers of magazines in the grocery store. But for the modern homeowner, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to push the envelope, so we’ve put together some modern Thanksgiving décor ideas that can help you look at the holiday with fresh eyes.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Décor

Modern Thanksgiving décor-simplicity is often the key to modern beauty.

Simplicity is often the key to modern beauty.

When many people think of Thanksgiving, the word “bountiful” often comes to mind and perhaps the image of a table laden with all sorts of fancy décor. But does every plate really need a chaser? Does everything from the gravy boat to the cheese board really need to shout for attention? Great beauty can often be found in simplicity.

For example, this glass table with Lucite chairs radiates lightness. A white square plate with a simple white napkin and silverware takes care of what is actually needed at the table and stands in sharp contrast to the heavy layers found in traditional Thanksgiving place settings. Instead of loading up a table with man-made finery, natural elements can be used, such as decorative branches along the center and miniature pumpkins to grace every plate.

A Contemporary Take on the Classic Pumpkin

A metallic sheen updates the classic fall pumpkin.

A metallic sheen updates the classic fall pumpkin.

A coat of metallic spray paint on a well-shaped pumpkin greatly updates the ubiquitous Thanksgiving gourd for a modern home, particularly homes that feature an industrial-chic sensibility and stainless steel kitchens. The result is a pumpkin décor that is less farmhouse and more current.

Another way to update the classic pumpkin is by painting it with abstract art or geometric shapes that are well suited for a modern home. This blog has some good advice on how to do it well.

Modern Snack Bowls

Stainless steel snack bowls

Stainless steel snack bowls

The main meal isn’t the only thing served on Thanksgiving. Present your hors d’oeuvres, chips and other grazing items in sleek displays with a modern vibe. These handsomely crafted stainless steel bowls are one great option for afternoon football watching snacks. Polished stone is another great contemporary material for serving snack items.

As an Alternative, Go Bold!

Bold shapes modernize plates in classic fall colors.

Bold shapes modernize plates in classic fall colors.

Some modern homes were born for bold colors. You can take traditional Thanksgiving colors to the next level by looking for an out-of-the-ordinary shape.

For example, these teardrop-shaped plates bring new life to an everyday Thanksgiving color scheme and call to mind fall leaves.

Will You Make Any Bold Design Moves in Your Home This Thanksgiving?

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