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Taste of EVOKE to Benefit Foundation

Taste of EVOKEEVOKE is sponsoring an extraordinary evening of fine food and wine to benefit the Detlef Schrempf Foundation, a nonprofit that raises funds for Northwest children’s charities. Taste of EVOKE will be held Tuesday, Oct. 29 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and will feature cuisine and wines from renowned Washington chefs and award-winning wineries.

Those attending the benefit will view two exquisite EVOKE modern homes while sampling some of the best food and wine of the Pacific Northwest at various stations on the models’ main floors.

What Chefs and Wineries Are Participating?

Local chefs who will be contributing their talents include: Chef Jason Wilson of Crush; Chef Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita; Chef Brian Scheehser of Trellis; Chef Don Curtiss of Volterra; and Chef Bradley Dickinson of Pearl Bar & Dining. Participating wineries include local favorites DeLille Cellars and Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Event Details

Tickets to the event are $75 and are available on a limited basis. All proceeds will go to the Detlef Schrempf Foundation. Taste of EVOKE will take place at EVOKE at 132nd in Issaquah, located at 5604 238th Ct SE, Issaquah 98029. Valet services will be available at the event.

Those who wish to attend should RSVP to ensure their place at the event. Your RSVP confirmation will be sent by Friday, Oct. 25. You can purchase tickets and contribute additional donations here.

About the Foundation

The Detlef Schrempf Foundation was founded in 1996 by former NBA player and former Sonics assistant coach Detlef Schrempf and his wife Mari, who believe strongly in the value of a solid family life and desired to give back to their community. In its 20 years of fundraising for children’s charities, the Detlef Schrempf Foundation has raised more than $13 million to give back to the Northwest community.

Incorporating Fall Colors into Modern Décor

Autumn is rapidly approaching, and many modern homeowners are seeking ways of adjusting their décor in a way that tones down the sprightly colors of summer and incorporates the subtle earthiness of fall. We’ve put together are a few ways to incorporate four of fall’s most inspiring colors into your modern home décor.

Metallic Gold

Incorporating Fall Colors into Modern Décor

Gold wishbone napkin rings from Pottery Barn

For those whose homes have a modern, industrial sensibility, integrating metallic gold elements into your home décor is a simple way to add in the golden tones of autumn trees that are shedding their leaves. Better yet, metallic gold also adds to a feeling of opulence in your home.

You might also consider gold metalwork as wall art, adding a few understated gold figurines on coffee tables and sideboards, or adding eye-catching gold bookends on your bookshelves.

Smoky Plum

Dusty plum decor adds subtle opulence to your home.

Dusty plum decor adds subtle opulence to your home.

Dusty, sugarplum tones not only pair well with gold tones, but also provide deep yet modest fall beauty in curtains, linen napkins, throw pillows and other home textiles.


Oxblood pottery offers a pop of fall color.

Oxblood pottery offers a pop of fall color.

Oxblood and wine tones are among the most luxurious to use in fall décor. Like a gleaming apple on tree, deep fall reds such as these immediately draw the eye. Because oxblood is such a saturated color, we recommend using it throughout your home in small décor pieces, like vases and pottery where a sleek glaze can really allow the color to pop without overwhelming a space.


Cognac leather sofa

Cognac leather sofa

Butterscotch and caramel tones emanate warmth in the home and are a brighter departure from the chocolate browns found in a more traditional home. Because of the neutral nature of these cheery fall tones, you can more easily incorporate them in larger furniture pieces, such as a cognac leather chair or sofa.


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Selecting Furniture for a Modern Home

Choosing the right furniture for a modern home is an exciting process, because you can easily break free of convention. Where in a traditional home, it is all about finding a color scheme and sticking to it, a modern home allows you to mix patterns, colors and styles in daring ways and select unconventional materials, such as exotic hardwoods and metallic materials. Here are a few tips for picking furniture for a modern home.

A Pop of Color

Furniture for a Modern Home

Jewel-tone furniture adds a pop of color to a modern home.

Super saturated colors fit right into a modern home. When selecting furniture, consider selecting one sofa or armchair in a bold jewel tone like emerald green, royal blue, vibrant turquoise or deep red. This one furniture piece will serve as the primary “pop of color” in the space. To keep from overwhelming a space with any one color, contrast this bold color with neutral furniture pieces in complementary colors. You can aim to subtly tie in a favorite jewel tone in your art, rug or décor.

Eclectic Touches

Moroccan poufs add charm to a modern living room.

Moroccan poufs add charm to a living space.

A modern home is the perfect setting for mixing in eclectic pieces within a contemporary aesthetic. Consider incorporating a Moroccan pouf, Japanese tatami mats,  Indian screens or panels into a space for an east-meets-west design approach. The different textures will add depth to the space. Just make sure to select understated pieces that will not shout for attention at the expense of the rest of your décor.

Geometric Shapes

Hexagon-shaped distressed wall shelving.

Hexagon-shaped distressed wall shelving.

Geometric shapes are a signature marker of modern home furniture. Try incorporating geometric designs in bookcases or wall-mounted shelving.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture-sideboard from Iannone Design uses salvaged automotive metal and locally sourced lumber.

This sideboard from Iannone Design uses salvaged automotive metal and locally sourced lumber.

If you have a modern home that’s made of eco-friendly materials, it only makes sense to incorporate sustainable furniture. Consider selecting tables, chairs and sideboards made of renewable materials like bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood or reclaimed metals. When incorporating used materials, try to avoid shabby chic items that could make a space look unintentionally dated. Weathered and industrial materials fit the bill well for a modern home, while certain antique pieces might be out of place.

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