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Ecology Meets Elegance: 5 Sustainable Home Decor Ideas

Sustainable Home Decor IdeasAt EVOKE, sustainability is built into our core values. We implement the latest sustainable building practices with the goal of creating energy-efficient modern homes that blend indoor and outdoor living. Part of our commitment to sustainability is to foster a dialog that helps people discover ideas and eco-friendly products that can complement their homes. Here are some sustainable home décor ideas to explore:

Go Local and Handmade

When selecting décor for your home, consider incorporating items and art that are handmade by local artisans. By making this choice, you avoid purchasing mass-produced items that use up a great deal of energy during the manufacturing process. Another thing to keep in mind is that mass produced items are often transported long distances, a process that burns diminishing fossil fuels and contributes to greenhouse gases.

Renewable Materials

When purchasing items for your home, give special consideration to the materials from which the items were made. For example, woven grass and bamboo are both renewable materials that will naturally replenish themselves over time after they are gathered from their natural environments. These items are a better choice than materials made from fossil fuels.

Recycled Materials

Incorporating items and art made of recycled materials into your home’s décor can produce surprisingly beautiful results. Recycled glass in particular can be re-purposed into eye-catching mosaic pieces for the home or garden. Similarly, re-purposed weathered metal can be used to make industrial art, rustic weather vanes and more, depending on the look you wish to have in your home.

Seek Out Eco-Friendly Brands

As more homeowners become aware of the importance of reducing their environmental impact, more companies have formed to produce sustainable home products. For example, Bambeco offers items made of materials that are organic, reclaimed or renewable, such as dinnerware made of natural clay, serving pieces made of reclaimed wood, and even office accessories made of recycled leather. Another brand, VivaTerra, is also committed to sustainable home goods, offering handsome storage baskets made of woven palm leaves and water leaves, placemats made of reclaimed slate, and rugs made of recycled plastic bottles and packing materials.

Go Minimal

One of the best ways you can reduce your carbon footprint is to go minimal, or purchase only the most essential pieces of furniture for your home, keeping non-essential items to a minimum and keeping your home’s surfaces clear of clutter. This approach not only encourages you to go for quality over quantity, but it also reduces stress. Better yet, a minimal approach helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of mass-produced trendy home goods that are purchased only to be replaced by new items down the road.

Adding a Personal Touch to a Modern Home

Personal Touch to a Modern Home-EVOKESome homeowners have no problem at all incorporating their personality into their homes. Others need some help in the endeavor. We’ve put together some design ideas we hope will inspire you to express your individuality and truly make your home your own.

Have Classic Furniture Reupholstered

The distinctiveness and high-quality construction of many antique furniture pieces is second to none, but the dated fabric can look out of place in a modern home. To effectively blend a modern sensibility with a classical design approach, consider having your chairs re-upholstered in a contemporary fabric or fine leather, such as white calf-skin or ostrich-grain embossed leather. Antique wood furniture can also be sanded and re-stained to bring new life to older pieces.

Tip: While many websites offer tips for DIY upholstery and re-upholstery, consider enlisting the help of a professional re-upholstering service with the experience needed to achieve the look you desire. These businesses can also typically replace aging furniture filling or foam.

Showcase a Special Collection

Homeowners can incorporate their individual passions into their home’s art by showcasing a special collection. When wall-mounted, an assortment of fine china, rare coins, or oriental wall fans can become one-of-kind-art that reflects your personality. This can be done on a large or small scale. For example, one interior designer based out of Austin framed the coasters she and her husband had taken home as memories from their travels and used them to create a wall collage, according to an article in the Austin American-Statesman.

Rooms that are set apart for singular purposes lend themselves well to collection décor. Music rooms, for example, are perfect for mounting a collection of records or musical instruments, as well as and framing and displaying concert tickets, autographs from musicians and similar memorabilia.

Tip: You can use floating shelving to display the most beautiful pieces of your collection. For example, avid readers can pull their favorite books with particularly handsome binding from their bookshelf to showcase on floating shelves. Just make sure any fragile items are displayed in a location where they are not likely to be bumped.

Incorporate Greenery

EVOKE_aloe succulentLive plants can make a world of difference in your space. You can display your plants creatively by purchasing antique vases or handmade pots by skilled local artisans that fit in with your home’s overall mood. Not only do potted trees and plants add a distinctive texture to a room, but they also help improve air quality in your home.

Tip: Forgetful when it comes to watering plants? Consider a display of cacti and succulents in varying heights, which thrive in direct sun and seldom require watering. Displays such as these add a unique desert element to warm-toned spaces.